I have a great opportunity coming up which I expect will give me a tremendous amount of great new information on how I can help thyroid cancer survivors deal with their recovery and reach a greater vitality in their lives.  

I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to attend the 20th International Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Conference this October 6-8, in Baltimore, Maryland!   This is a unique educational and supportive conference organized by Thyca (thyca.org), aiming to inspire and support all those who have been impacted by thyroid cancer.

From the Thyca website, “Each year attendees join from around the world for this event, which is designed to create learning and support opportunities for patients, families, friends, and caregivers.”

This conference is providing access to a large number of thyroid cancer experts, coming from leading medical centers throughout the world, with presentations on the latest medical research and advances in thyroid cancer care for all types of thyroid cancer.  I plan to learn as much as I can about the newest findings and the cutting edge treatments available, as well as new skills on how to cope with all of the burdens that comes with a thyroid cancer diagnosis and treatment.  I’ll become more educated about ongoing survival skills and effective protocols for improved health, and I’ll learn new steps my clients can take in order to reach a higher quality of life after a thyroid cancer diagnosis.  

Also, while I’m there, I’m definitely going to take advantage of their offering to visit their pet therapy room — animals have a special way of calming and healing those inflicted with cancer.

I’ll report back, after the conference, and fill you in on what I learned.  Hopefully I can incorporate this information into my practice and all of my clients will greatly benefit!