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Beyond Thyroid Cancer

Finally Get the Tools You Need to Reach Vitality.

Now is your time to invest in yourself.  You’ve been through so much, and you deserve to reach that point in your journey where you can finally be free of fatigue, brain fog, joint pain, weight problems, digestive issues, hormonal imbalances, and more.

As one of my private clients, you’ll work with me to uncover the root cause of your lingering physical symptoms.  You will shift your diet and lifestyle and find your symptoms  resolving and you’ll be  reaching the vitality you’ve been longing for.

My results-oriented packages include:

  • 90-minute detailed health history and initial case study/health evaluation
  • Review of lab work and testing recommendations
  • Personalized action plan with diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and lifestyle recommendations
  • Private 45-minute follow up sessions, every 2-3 weeks
  • Continued email support between sessions

Conditions I Specilize In:


Thyroid Related Health

With or without a functioning Thyroid


Weight Issues


Fatigue and Adrenal Dysfunction


Autoimmune Disease


Anxiety and Mood Issues


Digestive Disorders


Food Sensitivities


Hormone Balance

Please note: My clients typically spend between $500-$1500+ working with me one-on-one over the course of several months.

Your profound transformation will require a long term partnership, so you will need to be ready to commit, in order to get the results you’re looking for.

I see all my clients One-on-One, via phone or skype. Our sessions will always concentrate on your specific health problems and concerns, as a unique,  individual client.

These sessions can include laboratory test results discussions and education, plus recommendations for diet, rest, exercise, stress reduction and supplementation. We can discuss any other concerns you have as well.

The first session is always a detailed health history intake session.

Please note that labs are paid for separately, payable directly to the lab. I will never mark up the cost of labs, and you pay exactly what the lab charges.

Now is the Time to Ask Yourself a Few Questions

Are you committed to working towards a life with greater vitality?

Are you “sick” of getting tossed aside when you know your issues are real?

Are you searching for a trusted someone who is skilled enough and compassionate towards your unique struggles?

Do you wish for someone to advocate for you as you seek help from your doctors?

Are you ready to stop the guesswork, stop chasing symptoms, and get to the root cause of your health issues?

What My Packages Include:

  • An initial Case Study and Detailed Health History
  • Phone/Skype sessions throughout the program
  • D.R.E.S.S. For Health Success (™) Lifestyle Plan
  • Supplement Guide specialized for clients who have had their thyroid partially or fully removed
  • Individualized Drug-free Food Plan and Personalized Recipes
  • Therapeutic Prepared Food Delivery recommendations
  • Functional lab test recommendations, and comprehensive interpretation of your lab results
  • Access to the newest and best Functional Lab Testing (please note: cost of testing not included)
  • Videos, articles, resources and tools to guide you through the confusing maze of thyroid and health information
  • Unlimited text and email support between our sessions for the duration of your program
  • Individualized Sleep Program
  • Weight Assessment and Lifestyle Program
  • Hormone Assessment and Balance Program
  • Essential Oils education and recommendations on their use for thyroid and prevention of cancer
  • 15% discount on your physician grade supplements
  • Worksheets, training, handouts, helpful information and clear direction on how to implement your program steps
  • My dedication and full commitment to advocating for you as you reach greater vitality

What You Can Expect from Working With Me:

  • A chance to STOP THE GUESSING and get some REAL ANSWERS!
  • Techniques to help you stop struggling with Fatigue, Digestive Issues, Skin Problems, and Weight Gain
  • A clear direction on how and what to eat for your specific needs
  • The motivation you need to make real changes in your life, for the better, for long term
  • Remove Frustration, Worry, Confusion and Despair from your daily life for good

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Find out what I can offer you, as we discuss your main concerns and your desired goals going forward

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