The practice of Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® (FDN) is a time honored and proven holistic grounding program that uses functional laboratory testing in order to uncover the root causes of most common health issues that all too many people are experiencing today.

Thyroid cancer occurs for a reason. I use my health detective skills and clinical investigation to run these functional laboratory tests which help uncover and identify these reasons, which manifest as malfunctions and healing opportunities within the Hormone, Immune, Detoxification, Digestive, Energy Production, and Nervous Systems.

The labs I run will help to reveal any underlying nutritional factors, toxicity and physiological or microbial imbalances.  I will never just say “take this supplement based on this lab marker.”

And I firmly believe you don’t need to run thousands of dollars worth of tests in order to uncover the hidden causes of your continued symptoms and relentless suffering, and I don’t follow the theory that if you don’t get better we need to run more tests.

I truly listen to my clients, and I spend a great deal of time going over your health history, which is a key component in determining the direction we will go in. The clearer the picture I can get from your past health, the quicker we can achieve your desired future health status.

You can get your whole body system back on a healthy track and stop suffering from lingering symptoms. Brain fog, fatigue, exhaustion, depression, anxiety, weight issues, acne, digestive disorders, sleep problems, chronic inflammation — all these symptoms are a result of your underlying hidden imbalances.

Necessary course correction as we continue to work together will help you adopt a lifelong, successful self-care model which is based on behavioral changes.

The goal is to stop the cycle of trial and error, and seek out the underlying hidden stressors that are preventing you from truly healing.  

The list of labs I can run include but are not limited to:

Thyroid Function Testing:

SpectraCell Laboratories – Comprehensive Thyroid Panel

Neuroscience/Pharmasan Labs – Thyroid Panel IV

Adrenal/Hormone Testing:

BioHealth Laboratory – BH205

Precision Analytical – DUTCH

Blood Chemistry Testing:

SpectraCell Laboratories – CBC & CMP

Food Sensitivity Testing

Cyrex Laboratories – Array 3

Cyrex Laboratories – Array 4

Cyrex Laboratories – Array 10

Great Plains Laboratory – IgG

Immuno Laboratories – ELISA

Oxford Biomedical Technologies – MRT

US Biotek – IgG

GI Function Testing:

BioHealth Laboratory – BH101

BioHealth Laboratory – BH310

Cyrex Laboratories – Array 2

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory – GI-MAP

DRG Laboratory – GI Pathogens Plus

Dunwoody Labs – Intestinal Barrier Assessment

Genova Diagnostics – GI Effects

Genova Diagnostics – Intestinal Permeability

Nordic Labs – Intestinal Permeability & Absorption Analysis

GI Pathogen Testing:

BioHealth Laboratory – 401H

Parasitology Center Inc – Comprehensive Stool Analysis

Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory – GI-MAP

DRG Laboratory – GI Pathogens Plus

Heavy Metal Toxicity Testing:

Analytical Research Labs (ARL) – Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Cyrex Laboratories – Array 11 (Autoimmunity)

Doctor’s Data – Urine Toxic Elements

Doctor’s Data – Urine Mercury

Doctor’s Data – Fecal Metals

Quicksilver Scientific – Mercury Tri-Test / Blood Metals Panel

Infection Testing:

Immunosciences Lab – Lyme Disease & Tick-Borne Infections

Pharmasan Labs – Lyme Disease & Tick-Borne Infections

Cyrex Laboratories – Array 12 – Pathogen Immune Reactivity

HDRI – Nagalase (Viral Infections)

Micronutrient Testing:

SpectraCell Laboratories – Micronutrient

Misc Testing:

Cyrex Laboratories – Array 5

HDRI – Pyroluria (KPU)

Neurotransmitter Testing:

NeuroFocus Panel – Neurogistics

Organic Acids Testing:

Genova Diagnostics – Organix (0091)

Great Plains Laboratory – Organic Acids Test

US Biotek – UMP & EPP

SIBO Testing:

BioHealth Laboratory – BH900

Regenerus Laboratories – SIBO (Europe)

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