There is a strong connection between the Lymphatic System and your health issues related to autoimmunity, thyroid nodules and Thyroid Cancer!  A poorly functioning Lymphatic System is associated with the development of chronic disease and, if left unchecked, can lead to cancer.  

Your body has two different circulating systems. Your Circulatory System (consisting of your veins and arteries) brings nutrients and oxygen to your cells. Your Lymphatic System, shown here (consisting of capillaries, nodes and ducts) is responsible for absorbing and processing excess fluid and particles, keeping the cells chemically and electrically balanced.

Lymphatic congestion is basically a drain related issue.  Just like the drain pipes in your home, your lymphatic system can become congested.  This can result in symptoms like tender breasts, fatigue, eczema, acne, headaches, and bloating.  

If the Lymphatic System gets congested, the Associated Lymphoid Tissue or ALT (immune system) can’t clear the problem, and you may get a hypersensitive reaction, which can happen anywhere in your body.  The Lymph system includes a Gut immune system, or GALT (Gut Associated Lymphoid Tissue), a Skin immune system, or SALT (Skin Associated Lymphoid Tissue), and a Mucosal immune system, or MALT  (Mucosa Associated Lymphoid Tissues).

When the Lymphatic System is dysfunctional, excess fluid and particles accumulate in your cells, resulting in inflammation. Toxins and large protein molecules begin accumulating and, if left unchecked, chronic inflammation results.  

Clogged Lymphs And Cancer Cell Proliferation:

Through the lymphatic system, your immune cells travel around fighting pathogens and preventing disease and infection. Your Lymph system, unlike your circulatory system, does not have a pump, so it relies on the contraction and relaxation of the muscles and joints to move it.  When the Lymph can’t move, this leads to impaired immunity, and the development of cellulite, edema and chronic pain.  

Your intestinal tract is basically “Lymph Central”, and it becomes the dumping ground for toxins. When you begin to experience an overload of stress, (either emotional, physical or hidden internal stress), your Lymph system can’t drain as well as it should.  Remarkably, if you flattened out your intestinal lining, it would cover as much space as a tennis court!  But when this lining gets damaged, the amount of properly working gut lining can be much smaller.  This is when malnutrition can seriously affect cell division.

During cell division, when your cells split, the nucleus needs protein to function correctly.  Malnutrition means no proteins to divide the cells, and your Lymphs start to get congested. The cell’s job is to keep the body alive, so the cells are forced to start to divide in a different way– they start to divide into “differentiated cells” (or cancer cells), and this is when your cells have lost their memory of the proper way to function.  In essence, the cells begin to tell your body that they’re trying to survive, by putting out a chemical shield, and this is what allows the cancer cells to proliferate.

Clogged Lymphs And Arthritis, Allergies, Rashes:
As one example of autoimmunity, let’s discuss arthritis, where the over zealous response is that the immune system takes out the bad cells, and it begins to “attack its own self”.  If your blood is getting the “good stuff” as food and nutrients, but your Lymph is not taking the “bad stuff” away, then the blood supply can’t get rid of the waste, and therefore can’t get the”good stuff” in. Your blood is the lubricant for your joint, and if the joint can’t get the lubricant it needs, the joint starts to rub, and this causes friction, and the joint gets more and more irritated. This is inflammation in the joint, which is known as arthritis.

It works the same way for the Respiratory Lymph, only you will end up with allergies.  When it comes to the Skin Lymph system, the result will be rashes, hives, and eczema, which are Lymphatic congestion issues also.  Your body needs to eliminate toxins through the Lymph system in order to maintain health.

How To Keep Your Lymph System Clear — (keep the drains clean)

Rebounding is one of the easiest ways to get your lymph pumping well.  Basically it’s just you, jumping on a trampoline for 10 to 30 minutes. This effectively moves your lymph and stimulates your circulation.  It promotes the flow of lymph through your body, and can help increase the drainage of toxins from your organs and tissues.  Check out this affordable and lightweight rebounder:  .

Using an Inversion Table is another effective way to encourage movement of your lymph, through gravity.  With an Inversion Table, you invert yourself almost upside down, which brings blood and oxygen to your tissues.

Another great and easy way to help your Lymph system is to drink half your weight in ounces of water every day, and add lemon to warm water as an alkalinizer.  The use of proteolytic enzymes (proteins that speed up chemical reactions) between meals can boost the lymphatic system as they optimize blood flow by breaking down rogue proteins in your bloodstream and in the soft tissues of your body.  Here’s an example of a great proteolytic enzyme: .

Getting a lymph drainage massage can push stagnant lymph back into circulation, and you would want to have this done by an experienced massage therapist.

Dry brushing is a highly effective way to increase your Lymph flow daily or nightly, before your bath or shower.  You will want to gently brush your skin towards the heart which encourages movement of lymph and blood, and even reduces cellulite. This is a great dry brush with a removable handle: .

Additionally, avoid wearing underwire bras, because they can block the Lymph nodes that drain from your breasts and armpits.

It’s really important to work on expanding your lung capacity to increase oxygen, because cancer cells can survive in an environment that is without oxygen.  While a normal cell uses oxygen and glucose, a cancer cell can actually break down glucose without oxygen. If your capillaries are congested with toxins, they will be unable to deliver enough oxygen and nutrients to normal cells.

In a toxic body, cancer can spread more easily.  Tumors survive in low oxygen environments, which is a condition known as “Hypoxia”, and this condition promotes cancer invasion and cancer growth.  The main cause of cancer is the replacement of the respiration of oxygen in normal body cells by a fermentation of sugar.  All normal cells need oxygen, whereas cancer cells meet their energy needs mostly by fermentation.  Poor oxygenation comes from the buildup of toxins, which blocks and damages cellular oxygen respiration.

Increasing oxygen with exercise stimulates blood circulation.  Hydration, sweating in a sauna or from exercise, stress reduction, proper anti inflammatory foods, and dry brushing can all really help.  Yoga, Pilates, Deep Breathing, Meditation, and specialized Lymph Drainage Massage are very beneficial.  

Also, just open your windows! 

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